What do you have to watch out for when swimming?

Do not go into the water during sunset and at night. The fish come closer to the shore during the early hours, not like during the day.
Do not wear anything shinny. It could provoke a shark attack.
Do not go into the water if you are injured or if you have some cuts on your body, even if they are minor cuts.
Do not swim if you see a school of fish close to the shore. Wherever the small fish are, most likely the predators are there too, and they can very easily attack humans as well.
Do not pee in the water. The shark has a very sensitive nose and can easily attack you.
When you go into the water, start swimming as soon as you can. Make sure you stand the least amount of time. Why? Accidentally you can very easily kick or hit the shark and he can attack you.
When you swim, try not to splash the water too much.
If you see a dead animal floating do not go around it or near it. Most likely predators are feeding off the dead body.
These are only a few tips, but it can help you avoid getting bit or even save your life.

Information about some sharks


Hammerheads are definitely the biggest fighters among the sharks, but they can very easily be fragile as well. Never pull them out of the water fully, because they can die after only two minutes. Try to pull them out as fast as you can, remove the fishing hook and safely let them back to the ocean.

Bull shark

Bull sharks are the most aggressive sharks of all the sharks, much more aggressive than hammerheads. You have to be very careful when releasing them, since they can turn around very quickly and attack you.

Black tip

Black tips are the perfect sport fish. You don’t need heavy equipment to catch them. They don’t grow big, but they are very quickly to bite you. They can be very aggressive and they can easily bite a human.

Sand tiger

Sand tigers are big and heavy. They are not big fighters on the fishing rods so it is easy to catch them comparing to other sharks.

Tiger shark

Tigers sharks are big and strong fish. They can fight. You have to be very careful when you are handling them in shallow water, because whatever they put in their mouth, it will stay there! They can easily bite a turtle into two pieces, since they have special set of teeth that they can use to bite through basically anything.

The best time to do shore shark fishing is in the evening or during the night, since that is the time when sharks tend to follow the small school of fish and that is the time when they come closer to the shore, a lot closer than during the day.